Lex Machina

In a recent (IBM’s Element of Surprise) post I asked whether “IBM” branded print wheels compatible with Silver Reed EX series electronic typewriters were made for IBM or made by IBM.

Sometimes the answer to a typewriter-related question stares you in the face. Take, for example, a batch of Silver Reed compatible IBM print wheels with “Lexington Parts Center” tags:

Still, it took a reader of my blog, Stephen Cook from New Zealand, to unequivocally answer the question:

“Re your mystery IBM Printwheel. I can solve that for you. I’m an ex-IBM Customer Engineer, the Selectric remains an ongoing hobby for me. That Printwheel is for the IBM 6240 Mag-Card Typewriter, part of their Office System OS/6 stable of products. It was announced in 1977 to compliment the existing ‘Selectric’ based Mag-Card products.”

Steve moderates the Facebook group “golfballtypewritershop” and knows what he’s talking about. Thanks Steve. 😉


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  1. Yep, Steve’s a good resource. It is worth at least lurking in the FB Golfball group. lots of neat infonuggets drop often (:


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