Canon Fodder: Part Four

I’m supposed to be downsizing my collection (I have downsized my collection) and yet I took home another Canon electronic typewriter.

In mitigation, it was FREE and came with a spare (Micron 15) typewheel:

The typing feel (tactile key-tops, a quiet typing action, and with an impressive top speed of 16 cps) on these compact Canon office machines is excellent. The Canon AP1500 compares reasonably well against the Canon AP150. It has a slightly larger footprint, takes a bigger, fatter ribbon cassette …

… but is noticeably lighter in weight and has a sleeker profile:

The plastic shell on this Costa Mesa, Californian-made electronic typewriter appears not to be affected by same the yellow discoloration that afflicted the AP150. Different plastic? Or perhaps it was never exposed to sunlight?

One of these Canon typewriters will have to go — perhaps both if I come across another model I like better.

The AP1500 is the more basic of the two models. Take for instance, its simple-but-effective one-piece plastic paper rest:

I like it’s simplicity.

By my reckoning (looking at office supply listings) there are 48 distinct AP models to choose from, not including 21 second edition/special edition variants (with Roman numerals, E, X or S appended to the model number):

AP 100
AP 1000
AP 105
AP 110
AP 110 II
AP 150
AP 1500
AP 155
AP 160
AP 160 II
AP 170
AP 200
AP 200 E
AP 200 II
AP 200 X
AP 200 X-II
AP 210 X
AP 250
AP 260
AP 300
AP 300 II
AP 300 X
AP 310
AP 330
AP 340
AP 350
AP 350 II
AP 350 X
AP 3500
AP 3510
AP 360
AP 380
AP 390
AP 400
AP 400 II
AP 410
AP 410 X
AP 500
AP 500 II
AP 500 S
AP 5015
AP 510
AP 5415
AP 550
AP 550 II
AP 560
AP 600
AP 6000
AP 610
AP 6100
AP 6300
AP 700
AP 740
AP 7500
AP 780
AP 800
AP 800 III
AP 8000
AP 810
AP 810 III
AP 8100
AP 830
AP 830 III
AP 8300
AP 850
AP 850 III
AP 8500
AP 9017
AP 9417

Many of these end up in landfill. Grab one today before they disappear!

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