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“Before I wrote Reservoir Dogs, I was able to get friends of mine to type my scripts. But then, there I was, writing Reservoir Dogs — and I couldn’t be more excited by anything I’ve ever written — and I look around and I’ve got no one, there’s no one who will type it for me. All friends have dried up.

— All right, so I realized I was going to have to do it myself. My girlfriend had one of those old Smith Corona word processors. It was great for me because it was idiot-proof. One of the more famous things in Reservoir Dogs, the argument over who’s going to be named what color, was written with one finger on that word processor. So then when I wrote Pulp Fiction, she let me borrow it again. But for Jackie Brown, I didn’t have it, and it made me crazy. So on Kill Bill, I was like, I’ve got to get Grace’s old word processor back. But we’d broken up. So I went to her, and I was like, Let me just have it. She said her sister had it. But her sister gave it to somebody else, and that person gets in touch with me and says: I have the Smith Corona word processor that you did ‘Pulp Fiction’ on. Would you like it? Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Screenwriters Are (Obsessive, Creative, Neurotic) People, Too
By Lynn Hirschberg, New York Times, Nov. 9, 2003

According to reports, the word processor on which Quentin Tarantino wrote several of his most successful screenplays was a 1987 model. (Jackie) Brownie points to the eBay seller (above) for ingenuity and accuracy. Smith Corona PWPs with a flip up screen were first advertised in November that year …


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  1. “When you pulled into my driveway, did you see a sign that said “Dead Typewriter Storage”? No you didn’t, cuz it ain’t there!


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