The revenge of the electronic typewriter

An interesting article (by Greg Stanmar from the Chicago Tribune 13th August 1988) below is interesting. It says a lot about the author, who links "a typewriter with socialist leanings" to "recalcitrant billpayer" to "deadbeat". But what puzzles me more is the reference to "buy ribbons manufactured by Asian prisoners of war"? The reference to … Continue reading The revenge of the electronic typewriter

Alma Karlin

Born in Slovenia, but raised as a German, Alma Karlin (12 October 1889 – 15 January 1950) was a world traveler, writer, poet, collector, polyglot and theosophist. Following the Nazi occupation of Slovenia during World War Two, Alma joined the partisan guerrilla movement and was imprisoned in Celje in 1941. Alma and her Erika typewriter. … Continue reading Alma Karlin

Track Changes

A recent purchase I enjoyed reading on my Amazon Kindle is Track Changes: A Literary History of Word Processing (by Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Harvard University Press, 2016), an entertaining, well-written and thoroughly researched book. "There have been popular treatises and academic studies of reading digitally, there have been populist rants and jeremiads [...] But whereas e-books and e-reading devices did not … Continue reading Track Changes