The Brother Electronic (Electric) 9300

All electronic typewriters are, by necessity, electric, but not all electric typewriters are electronic. Very few in fact …

Advertising to mark the Australian release of these typewriters appeared in June 1982:

“Introducing the revolutionary new low price, high performance electronic.
Weighing in at a mere 8.7kgs, the Brother 9300 gives you the convenience
of an office electronic even in your home:

  • Automatic memory correction of the last line typed.
  • Clean, crisp typing with an exquisite light touch.
  • Automatic functions include right margin alignment;
    decimal tab; automatic centring and underlining.
  • Plus all the numerous features found on conventional electrics.

The lower-spec Brother 8300 was released at the same time. The ad below is dated May 1982 (USA):


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  1. Heh, I wonder if they’ll become collectable just for their rarity. They sure don’t age well, if the one I happened upon was any indication. 😀


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