Smith-Corona’s 5L Revival

Advertised in the USA in November 1984, and listed in my 1984/85 edition of the German office equipment catalogue Info-Markt 1, the Enterprise Electronic PE 900 was Smith-Corona’s first truly portable electronic typewriter: Released alongside EC-series compact electronic typewriters sourced from Nakajima, the PE 900 and a handful of American-made models such as the Smith-Corona … Continue reading Smith-Corona’s 5L Revival

Olivetti Praxis 30/35 Instruction Guide

Operating instructions/ Bedienungsanleitung/ Istruzioni d uso/ Instructions d emploi/ Instrucciones de uso (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish) for the Olivetti Praxis 30/35. Electronic Typewriter Instruction GuidesThe following guide is viewable online and is freely shared. A small donation, however, will make it easier for me to continue to add to this archive. If you have … Continue reading Olivetti Praxis 30/35 Instruction Guide