Brother Super 7800

Circa 1980, the Brother Super 7800 is a member of the “Correct-O-Ball” family of golf ball electronic typewriters. Unlike the moveable print unit of the IBM Selectric and its clones, these typewriters have a moveable carriage/escapement and a fixed print unit. Model numbers include the Super 7300, 7500, 7800 and 7900.


Functionality-wise, the 7800 has a few more bells and whistles than the smaller Super 7300 and 7500.


Looking at the two typewriters in their cases for a size comparison, the 7800 looks a lot bigger:


Out of the case, it is bigger and heavier than the Super 7300, but not by that much:


The case of the Super 7800 is a lot wider, allowing for storage of cable and plug and a cover. The plastic case is also reinforced by a sturdy metal brace, which is necessary given the extra weight.




An unnecessary enhancement is a release lever, which flips open the ribbon cover (on the Super 7300 the snap-on ribbon cover can be pulled off) …


Ribbon cassettes are the same on both models


It ain’t rocket science, but “lift-off” tape was a big selling point …


It seems there are only six typefaces to choose from. Then again, how many do you need  …?



The Super 7300 is beautifully proportioned (if you appreciate the fuller figure) …


… whereas the Super 7800 is strictly business …


… and let’s face it, ugly …


The serial number on this one dates it to 1981 …


Interestingly, a name that came up in an online search is the author James Herriot:


Extract from The Iron Whim: A Fragmented History of Typewriting by Darren Sean Wershler-Henry

1980 is the likely year of release, but a reference to 1961 does not make any sense and I cannot find any photographic evidence to support the claim that Herriot (real name James Alf Wight) used a Brother Super 7800 …

Online searches will at least yield a Brother Super 7800 instruction guide in English, German, French and Spanish.

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11 thoughts on “Brother Super 7800

  1. Hi, the only thing you can do is look out for them on the Internet. Brother 7300, 7500, 7800, 7900 all take the same ribbon.


  2. Hi there. My husband has this same type writer.. do you know where we can get the brother super 7800e ribbons from please?

    Kindest regards

    Sharney. A


  3. I am having trouble finding ribbons for this model. Have found a source for these ribbons. My daughter loves the typewriter, but is worried about finding a ribbon.


  4. Other than to look on auction sites around the world, no. Sometimes the only way to buy the consumables you want is to buy a second typewriter that comes with them. Good luck!


  5. Not sure that this is the right place to ask, but I notice you refer to the Super 7300 a bit. Any tips as to where one could pick up ribbon cassettes for this?


  6. Those are some interesting electrics. I’m sure the marketing department over-played the push button ribbon cover release to the masimum.


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