Brother’s Last Word Processor

The eBay seller of this AX-45 couldn't hide her enthusiasm for the typewriter (or the sale): "This is a rare and rather beautiful machine. The product of a bygone friendly low-tech era." Couldn't agree more, except to say the function-rich AX-45 was not so "low tech" at the time of its release in November 1987. … Continue reading Brother’s Last Word Processor


Olympia Professional 220i Instruction Guide

The Olympia Professional 220i was released in May 1987 as one of AEG Olympia's "Office-Line" of electronic typewriters. Other models released around this time included the Mastertype i, Startype i, Supertype 230i, 240i, and Standard 200i, 220i. (Parts of the guide might be applicable to the Standard 200i, 220i.) Subscriber Content Thank you for your … Continue reading Olympia Professional 220i Instruction Guide

Remtronic 2000

One of a handful of e.t s in amongst a large collection of antique typewriters listed on German eBay by "Specialists in the sale of technical antiques and antique scientific equipment and accessories") was quite unexpected ... ... it being a Remtronic 2000 ... ... a typewriter manufactured by the Remtronic Division of Remington … Continue reading Remtronic 2000

Olivetti ET Personal 55 Instruction Guide

Released in 1987 and designed by Mario Bellini and Alessandro Chiarato, the ET personal 55/56 has arguably the most striking design of any personal electronic typewriter. All subsequent Olivetti ETP, PT and Lettera E 500 series portables (including a limited edition "Azuri" Praxis 100 released to coincide with the 1992 World Cup) are derivatives of … Continue reading Olivetti ET Personal 55 Instruction Guide