Erika’s Element of Surprise

Manufactured in the German Democratic Republic by the VEB Kombinat Robotron in 1987 and exported to Western Europe, the Erika 3004 was unavailable to citizens of the GDR at the time of its release. Named after Erik Honecker's granddaughter and as bland as Honecker himself, the 3004 is not quite as run-of-the-mill as it first seems. … Continue reading Erika’s Element of Surprise

Olivetti ET Personal 55 Instruction Guide

Released in 1987 and designed by Mario Bellini and Alessandro Chiarato, the ET personal 55/56 has arguably the most striking design of any personal electronic typewriter. All subsequent Olivetti ETP, PT and Lettera E 500 series portables (including a limited edition "Azuri" Praxis 100 released to coincide with the 1992 World Cup) are derivatives of … Continue reading Olivetti ET Personal 55 Instruction Guide

Brother Super 7800 Instruction Guide

Circa 1980, the Brother Super 7800 is a member of the "Correct-O-Ball" family of golf ball electronic typewriters. Unlike the moveable print unit of the IBM Selectric and its clones, these typewriters have a moveable carriage/escapement and a fixed print unit. Model numbers include the Super 7300, 7500, 7800 and 7900. Subscriber Content thank you … Continue reading Brother Super 7800 Instruction Guide

Olivetti Lexikon 90 Instruction Guide

The heavyweight Olivetti Lexikon 90 was introduced in 1976 and had a short-lived production run which ended two years later in 1978. Model numbers include Lexikon 90, 92C and 94C. The "interchangeable spherical printhead" has a different shape and orientation to the more conventional element balls manufactured by IBM:. The instruction guide included instructions written in … Continue reading Olivetti Lexikon 90 Instruction Guide