Fifty Shades of Beige

The holiday season gave me the chance to de-yellow my Brother AX-30 following the guidelines published at Brian's Blog-A-Ma-Jig ( (link now broken) ... To summarize and greatly over-simplify, ultraviolet light destabilizes the plastic and changes it on a molecular level, resulting in yellowing. Fortunately, this process is reversible by exposing the plastic to ultraviolet … Continue reading Fifty Shades of Beige

Be Original, Be Sharp

It used to "Be Sharp", but these days the company slogan of the Sharp Corporation  (now majority owned by the Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturer, Foxconn1) is Be Original. Sharp's original colour of choice for its personal e.t.s, e.t.s like this circa 1990 PA-3000, was BLACK. Grey-beige or cream-beige variants do exist, but they're harder to … Continue reading Be Original, Be Sharp

Panasonic KX-E508

The Panasonic KX-E508 compact electronic typewriter is strictly business, lacking any of the frills and idiosyncrasies of, say, the Olivetti ET Compact 70. The spartan styling and faux metallic silver-grey finish of the KX-E508 is the same styling and finish that Matsushita applied to its Panasonic KX-R series portables; portables like the KX-R250: Viewed individually, … Continue reading Panasonic KX-E508

Olivetti ET Compact 70 Instruction Guide

Operating instructions/Bedienungsanleitung (English, German, French, Spanish) for the Olivetti ET Compact 70 (Parts One and Two). Electronic Typewriter Instruction GuidesThe following guide is freely shared. A small donation, however, will make it easier for me to continue to add to this archive. Thank you!$4.00Click here to purchase. olivetti-et-compact-70-operators-manual-part-oneDownload olivetti-et-compact-70-operators-manual-part-twoDownload