Swintec’s Samsung Swansong

Circa April 1989, the Swintec SW 65 is an e.t. manufactured for the American market: In Australia, a brick-sized American step-down transformer is needed to go from 240 volts down to 110: With its corporate headquarters in Moonachie, New Jersey, the Swintec Corporation was established in 1978 as an office equipment supplier selling electronic calculators … Continue reading Swintec’s Samsung Swansong

Triumph-Adler SE-310 Instruction Guide

Operating instructions for the Triumph Adler TA SE-310. The plastic ring combs on these manuals disintegrate with age, which makes scanning them quite a chore ... Electronic Typewriter Instruction GuidesThe following guide is viewable online and is freely shared. A small donation, however, will make it easier for me to continue to add to this … Continue reading Triumph-Adler SE-310 Instruction Guide

Triumph-Adler Gabriele 8008 (Quick Reference)

A quick reference guide for the Triumph-Adler Gabriele 8008 (poor condition but legible). A continuing tradition in Europe saw Triumph-Adler name the first of many portable electronic typewriters "Gabriele" after the granddaughter of former owner, Max Grundig. In a departure from tradition, the company used Japanese (Nakajima) components in the manufacture of its first portable, … Continue reading Triumph-Adler Gabriele 8008 (Quick Reference)

The revenge of the electronic typewriter

An interesting article (by Greg Stanmar from the Chicago Tribune 13th August 1988) below is interesting. It says a lot about the author, who links "a typewriter with socialist leanings" to "recalcitrant billpayer" to "deadbeat". But what puzzles me more is the reference to "buy ribbons manufactured by Asian prisoners of war"? The reference to … Continue reading The revenge of the electronic typewriter

Smith-Corona’s 5L Revival

Advertised in the USA in November 1984, and listed in my 1984/85 edition of the German office equipment catalogue Info-Markt 1, the Enterprise Electronic PE 900 was Smith-Corona’s first truly portable electronic typewriter: Released alongside EC-series compact electronic typewriters sourced from Nakajima, the PE 900 and a handful of American-made models such as the Smith-Corona … Continue reading Smith-Corona’s 5L Revival