Brother Instruction Guides


The EM-611 office electronic typewriter (and its lower-spec sibling, the EM-601) was released in 1988 and has a top speed of 16 characters-per-second.

Brother EM-611


The CE-700 was introduced in 1989 as an update on the Brother CE-650. This e.t. has an 80 column by two line LCD screen and a top speed of 15 characters-per-second.

Brother CE-700


Operating instructions for the Brother CE-550 compact electronic typewriter.

Brother CE-550


The Brother AX-325 is one of an extensive range of portable electronic typewriters manufactured in the USA, UK and Malaysia and released over a decade spanning the mid 1990s through to the mid 2000s. A GX- prefix was used predominantly (but not exclusively) in the USA.

Brother AX-325

Super 7800

Circa 1980, the Brother Super 7800 is a member of the “Correct-O-Ball” family of golf ball electronic typewriters.

Brother Super 7800


Brother CE (JP-11x) series portable electronic typewriters like the Brother CE-30 (circa 1984-1985) are noisy (67 dBA) and have a low top speed of 10 cps.

Brother CE-30

Electronic 9300

Weighing in at 8.7kgs, the Brother 9300 and its lower-spec sibling, the Brother 8300, were released in 1982. These daisy wheel typewriters are different in that they have a moveable carriage/escapement and a fixed print unit (like the Super 7800 above).

Brother Electronic 9300


Operating instructions for the Brother EP-44 thermal electronic typewriter.

Brother EP-44