Brother CE-30 Instruction Guide

Brother CE (JP-11x) series portable electronic typewriters like the Brother CE-30 (circa 1984-1985) are larger and heavier (7 kg) than any Brother portables that followed. While this might justify the “CE” prefix, in terms of performance and functionality they belong very firmly in the portable category. These typewriters are noisy (67 dBA) and have a low top speed of 10 cps. A design flaw is a one-piece ribbon cover, which also covers a (very cramped) power cord compartment located directly behind the platen.

In the USA, models of this series were marketed under the names “Compactronic”, “Correctronic”, “Student-Riter” and “Pro-Riter”. In Japan, models of this series were marketed under the “Electra” name.


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6 thoughts on “Brother CE-30 Instruction Guide

  1. February, 1985. Too bad it’s not a CE-50, I’ve got an IF-50 Interface unit coming that would turn it into a daisywheel printer with Parallel/Serial connections for computer 😀

    Now *i* just have to find a vintage ’85 CE-50


  2. A wedge is a wedge. I think they are neat, and they do generally have plenty of features.


  3. Under a different model for the American market, this was the very first typewriter I ever used, as it was my mother’s. My gram’s S-C Silent came one year later and that’s what started it all.


  4. Glad you mentioned Olivetti, that Brother reminds me of the Olivetti Portable Electronic Typewriter ETP 55 designed by Mario Bellini in 1985. Makes me wonder if Bellini was an inspiration for it.


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