Typing on the Edge

I enjoyed the "unintentional comedy" that was Stephen Poliakoff's Friends and Crocodiles and there was a lot to like about Shooting the Past and A Perfect Stranger. I've noticed that Poliakoff likes to explore class divisions by putting working-class characters into situations that allow them to inhabit the world of the upper classes. He likes to pepper his plots … Continue reading Typing on the Edge

Friends, Typewriters & Crocodiles

It's as if Stephen Poliakoff took a dash of inspiration from Steven Shainberg's movie The Secretary (2002), added a dash of his 1999 drama Shooting the Past, then added a dash of his 2001 drama Perfect Strangers, and spliced them together to create the complete twaddle that was his 2006 TV movie Friends & Crocodiles. All the usual Poliakoff … Continue reading Friends, Typewriters & Crocodiles