Canon Consumables

The new ribbon cassette for the Canon AP150 arrived …


The cassette I replaced was made in Korea. The replacement cassette was made in Malaysia.


It works a treat, except I also discovered the printwheel installed in the typewriter was completely worn out. There’s a reason these things are called consumables. Fortunately, this consumer has a few spares …



The left-hand wheel (above) is worn out, whereas the one on the right is as fresh as a daisy (pun intended) and prints perfectly despite looking like a cheap, generic (no-name) wheel.

I do wonder about the durability (or lack thereof) of these Canon printwheels.


I’m slowly scanning the AP150 manual. There are 78 pages so I’m not in any rush. The following pages cover the installation of the consumables (I couldn’t be bothered installing a correction tape).

Incidentally, this is post 300. And they said Steve K and his electronic typewriters wouldn’t last …





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7 thoughts on “Canon Consumables

  1. Congratulations to No. 300, and thanks for documenting this machine – too new for many collectors, but I believe in equal treatment of antique and merely “young old” typewriters.


  2. The reason I generally pass on wedges is the lack of instructions. They are fine little very versatile machines. If one has instructions.


  3. oh good. I was hoping you were scanning the manuals you were getting (:
    *someday* people will have wedge love, and they’ll be wanting instructions way more than your average typewriter user 😀


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