The E Wasteland

"T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland not only featured a typist as one of its figures, Eliot's actual typing of the poem on three different typewriters proved the key by which Lawrence Rainey unlocked the history of the text and accurately reconstructed the  different episodes' order of composition. Would such a coup have been possible if Eliot … Continue reading The E Wasteland


Hum on Rye

IBM Selectric by Charles Bukowskihumming,it will do almost anything youask it to do.hummingbeneath its smooth gray paintthe machineknows.even death stands back andasks, "what the hell isthis?"humming,it astonishes the walls, thewindows, the cats, the ashtray,the wooden Buddha andme.this machine can save my life.this machine *has* saved mylife.this machine can create a womanmore beautiful thanany you have … Continue reading Hum on Rye