Red Poets Society (Part Two)

Andrei Lupan and fellow members of the Moldovan Poets Society discuss their next lyrical tribute to the communist state ... Andrei Lupan (above and below) Andrei Lupan ((15 February 1912 - 24 August 1992) was a writer and politician. He served as Chairman of the Writers Union of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic (1946–1962), and … Continue reading Red Poets Society (Part Two)

The Poet of Trieste

The Italian poet Umberto Saba, born Umberto Poli in the Mediterranean port city of Trieste, March 9, 1883, bought the Mayländer  second-hand bookshop in 1919, renamed it La Libreria Antica e Moderna and continued his business as an antiquarian bookseller until his death in 1957, aged 74. La Libreria Antiquaria Umberto Saba In 1921, Saba published a collection of poems under … Continue reading The Poet of Trieste

Olivetti Poeti

Agustí Bartra (1908-1982) was a Catalan poet, playwright and literary critic. Can we therefore assume that his typewriter was made in Olivetti's Barcelona plant rather than in Ivrea, Italy? (Not sure where the chunky cardigan was made, but it does go nicely with his Studio 44.)  ~ Italian poet Salvatore Quasimodo  (1901-1968) was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature … Continue reading Olivetti Poeti

Hum on Rye

IBM Selectric by Charles Bukowskihumming,it will do almost anything youask it to do.hummingbeneath its smooth gray paintthe machineknows.even death stands back andasks, "what the hell isthis?"humming,it astonishes the walls, thewindows, the cats, the ashtray,the wooden Buddha andme.this machine can save my life.this machine *has* saved mylife.this machine can create a womanmore beautiful thanany you have … Continue reading Hum on Rye