Sanyo (SERD)

Like Sony, Japanese electronics giant Sanyo was a minor players in the office equipment and supply business. Desktop and pocket calculators, dictating systems, and printers, were manufactured in Japan and sold in Europe through their German affiliate Sanyo Elektronik-Rechner Deutschland (SERD).

SERD had ties with the East German typewriter manufacturer VEB Robotron, packaging its copiers and calculators with Erika-branded compact office electronic typewriters: the Erika S 6005 and S 6006 (SERD 1500 and 1600).

Other SERD electronic typewriters were sourced from Nakajima, TA Triumph Adler, and Olivetti:

  • Ribbon listings suggest that early SERD 1000 and SERD 1500 electronic typewriters were sourced from Nakajima
  • SERD 2000 (TA Triumph-Adler SE-1005)
  • SERD 2000-A (Olivetti ET-109)
  • SERD 3000/3100 (Olivetti ET-111/ET-115)