Sanyo (SERD)

Sony desktop and pocket calculators, cash registers, dictating systems, and printers, were manufactured in Japan and sold in Europe through its German affiliate Sanyo Elektronik-Rechner Deutschland (SERD).

SERD had ties with the East German typewriter manufacturer VEB Robotron, packaging its copiers and calculators with Erika-branded portable electronic typewriters: the Erika S 6005 and S 6006 (SERD 1500 and 1600).

Other SERD electronic typewriters were sourced from Towa Sankiden, TA Triumph Adler, and Olivetti:

  • SERD 1000 (Towa Sankiden, Excellence 77?) Office
  • SERD 2000 (TA Triumph-Adler SE-1005) Office
  • SERD 2000-A (Olivetti ET-109) Compact
  • SERD 3000/3100 (Olivetti ET-111/ET-115) Office