Brother EP-22 Instruction Manual & Connection Guide

An instruction manual for the Brother EP-22 electronic printer, including the "How to Connect with Computers" guide. Subscriber Content Thank you for your support. here's the file: brother-ep-22-instruction-guideDownload Subscribe or donate to get access Download the file when you subscribe or donate today. Log in



No, not the Spanish tenor ... ... portable electronic typewriters manufactured by (and for) AEG Olympia in the mid 1980s. Advertising outside Germany is hard to find. Although I did find this Icelandic ad from August 1987: An attractive '80s wedge alongside an attractive '80s hairstyle? What could be nicer? What would be better is … Continue reading Carreras

The Brother Electronic (Electric) 9300

All electronic typewriters are, by necessity, electric, but not all electric typewriters are electronic. Very few in fact ... Advertising to mark the Australian release of these typewriters appeared in June 1982: "Introducing the revolutionary new low price, high performance electronic.Weighing in at a mere 8.7kgs, the Brother 9300 gives you the convenienceof an office … Continue reading The Brother Electronic (Electric) 9300