Orphan Black

Of course, I knew Juki 2100 and 2200 portable electronic typewriters took an Olivetti Praxis compatible ribbon (and a TA Triumph-Adler print wheel, and quacked like a duck, see my Juki New Year blog post of January 1st, 2017), but who knew the Juki 2100 (or is it the 2200?) portable electronic typewriter was also sold as the Olivetti DAISY BLACK?

This imaginatively-named typewriter appears to have been unique to Japan (this is a sighting on the Japanese Yahoo auction site).

According to its own website, Juki began manufacturing electronic typewriters under an OEM agreement with Olivetti, manufacturing the Praxis 30 and the Praxis 35 in 1981.

Stemming from its OEM relationship with Olivetti, Juki manufactured two low-cost portable daisy wheel electronic typewriters, the JUKI 2100 and the JUKI 2200, released in late 1984. Resembling the Praxis 30/35 manufactured by Juki for Olivetti in 1981, these more cheaply constructed “lookalike” portable typewriters take an Olivetti Praxis 30/35 compatible ribbon and a Triumph Adler compatible daisy wheel. They have a slow top speed of 10 cps.

Apart from taking the same ribbon, the Juki 2100 and 2200 do share a number of “Praxis” features in common (for example, they share the same see-through top cover, and the same KBI and KBII selector switch to the left of the keyboard).

Below, a Daisy Black is listed as an “Olivetti” alongside a Nakajima AX-150 … which shows how much care and attention went into this Japanese online listing.

A second Nakajima thumbnail image is also shown (above) for the Olivetti ET 101. Not that an association between Nakajima and Olivetti is completely erroneous – if you ever wondered why this Olivetti CX-880 takes a Nakajima AE-series compatible ribbon ….

The answer is simple …

… it’s a clone.

Helena (Tatiana Maslany) and Sarah (Tatiana Maslany)

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