Praxis Makes it Personal

The specification for the 1983 Olivetti Praxis 20, makes for unimpressive reading: it has a print speed on the low side (8 cps), and a noise emission reading on the high side (69 dBA). The 1986 Olivetti Personal 50 is identical in design, construction, size, weight (6.3 kg) and technical specification. A stick-on serial number … Continue reading Praxis Makes it Personal


Juki New Year

First established as a cooperative of machinery manufacturers in Tokyo in 1938, the TOKYO JUKI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION began trading under that name in 1943. The first household and industrial sewing machines were produced in 1947 and 1953 respectively. In 1988 the Corporation was renamed simply as JUKI CORPORATION. Today, the company is known primarily for its production of industrial sewing … Continue reading Juki New Year