Casiowriter CW-600 Instruction Guide

An Instruction Guide for the Casiowriter CW-600 (AKA Nakajima AX-65).

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5 thoughts on “Casiowriter CW-600 Instruction Guide

  1. Hi Graeme, sorry for the late response. I had to look through my files to see if I had anything on the AE-355. Unfortunately not. Good luck with it and thanks for dropping by. 😉


  2. Hi Steve – I saw your post of the AE355 (ALL – aka Nakajima). I have acquired an AE350 which looks extremely similar to your 355. I’m wondering if you’ve sourced a user and or service manual for it as the ribbon forwarding cam on mine is intermittent, so must be worn, broken or something. I’m on the point of stripping it down for inspection – there seems to be very little on the intertubes on these early daisywheel electronic machines. Anything you can say appreciated.


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