Casiowriter CW-600 Instruction Guide

Back by popular demand in 2018 (one reader requested I post an Instruction Guide for the Casiowriter CW-600, AKA Nakajima AX-65, as promised last year). Nakajima electronic typewriters like these can be found in any number of guises. "Personal" electronic typewriters that support 15 pitch, as well as 10 and 12 pitch, aren't all that … Continue reading Casiowriter CW-600 Instruction Guide

Casio Brothers

CASIO Computer Co. Ltd began trading under that name in June 1957; a year which coincided with the marketing of the world's first compact all-electric calculator, the Casio 14-A. The CASIO name is an anglicised version of the family name of the company's founders, Tadao and Toshio Kashio. Well-known for their calculators and their watches, CASIO also … Continue reading Casio Brothers

Letters From Nakajima (Part 2): Walther

Speaking of rebranded electronic Nakajima typewriters,  here are a few "Walthers" I neglected to mention in Letters from Nakajima Part 1. Walther TW60 (Nakajima Ax60) "Walther" TW80 (Nakajima AX80) Walther was founded as a gunsmith in 1886 by Carl Walther in Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia (Central Germany) and is perhaps best known as the maker of the Walther PPK pistol ... … Continue reading Letters From Nakajima (Part 2): Walther

Letters from Nakajima: All the same

In the early '80s Nakajima All continued to live up to their name and carried on as they had with their mechanical typewriters by rebranding their electronic typewriters for all and sundry. "Aurora 115s" "Privileg 3000" "Monditype" "Hermes top-tronic 15" (by Nakajima) The full extent of this electronic typewriter cross-pollination (see also my blog post about the Xerox 6002) becomes apparent when … Continue reading Letters from Nakajima: All the same