Panasonic KX-R250 Instruction Guide

Panasonic KX-R series portable electronic typewriters were manufactured during a three year period between 1987 and 1990. These excellent typewriters take a Brother AX series compatible ribbon and a proprietary 96 character cassette printwheel which is not dissimilar to (but incompatible with) the cassette printwheels manufactured by Brother.

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5 thoughts on “Panasonic KX-R250 Instruction Guide

  1. Hi Darren, I remember trying to find one of these battery packs online, without success. Other than that I really don’t know the technical details of them. But thanks for drawing my attention to it. Worthy of further investigation… 😉


  2. Thanks!

    I got a KX-R200, very capable machine. The little compartment in the back where you can stow the coiled up cord can also take a NiCd battery pack that goes into a plug for portable typing. I can see it on your scans. Says it charges from the AC when plugged in. Do you know anything about this? Voltage of the pack and polarity/function of the pins on the plug would be valuable! I cannot find anything.If I dismantle I might find voltages noted on the PCB, but that’s pretty unlikely. Just wondering…


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