Panasonic KX-R250 Instruction Guide

Panasonic KX-R series portable electronic typewriters were manufactured during a three year period between 1987 and 1990. These excellent typewriters take a Brother AX series compatible ribbon and a proprietary 96 character cassette printwheel which is not dissimilar to (but incompatible with) the cassette printwheels manufactured by Brother. Subscriber Content Thankyou for your support. Here … Continue reading Panasonic KX-R250 Instruction Guide

Panasonic KX-R305

In Japan, Matsushita earned themselves the nickname Maneshita (Copy Cat) due to their tendency to maneru (copy) the technologies marketed by their rivals. NEC Spinwriter "thimble" printers, for example, may have been the inspiration for Panasonic RK-T series "cup wheel" personal electronic typewriters introduced in 1984. Likewise, Brother AX-series personal electronic typewriters of the mid … Continue reading Panasonic KX-R305

Matsushita & the Margarita

Matsushita Denki (the Matsushita Electric Industrial Company) is the name behind the Panasonic brand. Once the world's largest consumer electronics company and still one of the world's largest, Matsushita changed its name to Panasonic Corporation in 2008. Company founder Konosuke Matsushita "Matsushita's story is different and unique. In 1952, Matsushita arranged to acquire the technical capabilities of the Dutch … Continue reading Matsushita & the Margarita