Casio Brothers

CASIO Computer Co. Ltd began trading under that name in June 1957; a year which coincided with the marketing of the world’s first compact all-electric calculator, the Casio 14-A.

The CASIO name is an anglicised version of the family name of the company’s founders, Tadao and Toshio Kashio.

Well-known for their calculators and their watches, CASIO also produced clocks, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, label printers, page printers, and office computers.

Less well-known, in fact unworthy of a mention in either the company’s history or its chronology of main products, is the Casiowriter® range of thermal “baby wedges”. Produced in the mid-to-late ’80s,  models included the CW-10, -11, -16, -17, -18, -20, -25, and -30.

Dating information is hard to come by, but a CW-16 was listed on eBay as “1984” (unverified). The CW-16 was also advertised for sale (offer price £104.95) in a November 1987 edition of New Scientist …

Casio CW-25

Casio CW-10


I’ve come across Brother compatible ribbon listings for Casio CW-110, CW-150, CW-200, CW-211 and CW-220 models, but have yet to see the corresponding typewriters (could they be re-branded Brother machines?) …

Brother EM-80

Brother EM-85


Non-thermal, i.e. daisy wheel, CW-600/650 Casiowriter typewriters do exist, and many of these are listed for sale in Eastern Europe. This one found its way to Perth and into my collection …

It’s the first electronic wedge I’ve bought in pristine condition ($20), still in its original box.

More about this typewriter in a future post.

The true identity of these “CASIO” typewriters is perhaps revealed by the fact that Casio CW-600/650 model numbers crop up in Nakajima ribbon listings.

CASIO-CW-600-L1Nakajima AX-60

Casiowriter CW-650

Nakajima AX-160

Butec 5010

wi-schreibmaschine-dw-wirtschaft-berlin“It’s as I feared, Helga. ALL electronic typewriters were made by Nakajima!”


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  1. Thanks for the tip 🙂 It did not work out’ unfortunately. I’ll take it to a repair shop and see what they say :). Have a nice day


  2. Do you know how to install the daisy wheel in a Casio CW-600? Seems like I can’t get the right characters when I write… thanks 🙏🙏


  3. Thanks Crystal. Me too. I didn’t much like the feel of my Smith Corona XD 4600 (hence I sold it). On the other hand I really like the simplicity of my Brother AX-10. 😉

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  4. Great article, Steve! I like these much more than the word processors like my son’s Smith Corona 640 DLD – his favorite, oddly enough, lol. I especially like the looks of that Brother EM-80 🙂


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