Jirō Shirasu

Jirō Shirasu (白洲 次郎) was a Japanese bureaucrat and businessman. He was born in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, on the 17th February 1902, and was known for his good looks, his 185-cm height, his love of Bentley sports cars, and his fluent English. As a young man he studied at Clare College, Cambridge. During the Allied Occupation, Shirasu … Continue reading Jirō Shirasu

Groma Keytops (and the Three Bears)

There are some stunning Groma Modell N's on the TWDB. Real beauties such as Nick T's and Scott K's. Groma N's with square and round keytops respectively. This one (part of the stash of German typewriters I discovered in Fremantle) has oval keytops ... Not quite in the same league as some earlier Modell N's, but drab crinkle has its … Continue reading Groma Keytops (and the Three Bears)