IBM’s Element of Surprise

In an Adaptation post from July 2018, I pointed to the similarity of the caps on third generation IBM Selectric golf balls and those on Silver Reed EX series electronic typewriter print wheels …

(Edited: 3/01/2022) I didn’t know it at the time, but these printwheels were first manufactured by IBM for their 1977 IBM 6240 Mag-Card Typewriter.

So clearly Silver Reed enjoyed some kind of reciprocal arrangement with IBM. This is confirmed by a search on Silver Reed EXP series daisy wheel printers. Lo and behold it turns out this OSE Silver Reed EXP 770 Daisy Wheel Printer PDF is an IBM document:

IBM machine type: 1003-S05

The above is a broken link, however the text of the search confirms that Silver Reed daisy wheel printers were either leased or purchased by IBM. 1003 was the code assigned by IBM to OEM printers and their associated interfaces and consumables. 1003-S05 refers specifically to the Silver Reed EXP770 daisy wheel printer.

So there you have it: “IBM” made print wheels as used in OEM Silver Reed printers and compatible with Silver Reed EX series electronic typewriters.

Mystery solved.

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