IBM 6715 Operator Guide

September 1985 saw the release of IBM's first compact electronic typewriter, the IBM 6715 AKA the "Actionwriter 1", which was manufactured by IBM Deutschland in Stuttgart. Thanks to a technological alliance with TA Triumph-Adler, the internals of the 6715 are largely based on the Gabriele 9009 compact electronic typewriter. As such, the IBM 6715 takes … Continue reading IBM 6715 Operator Guide

Lex Machina

In a recent (IBM's Element of Surprise) post I asked whether "IBM" branded print wheels compatible with Silver Reed EX series electronic typewriters were made for IBM or made by IBM. Sometimes the answer to a typewriter-related question stares you in the face. Take, for example, a batch of Silver Reed compatible IBM print wheels … Continue reading Lex Machina