Finger Gymnastics

Maschinenschreiben Textverarbeitung (Typing and word processing) by Bruno Behne and Albert Titze, Ferd. Dummlers Verlag, 1991), is a German textbook about "typing and word processing on conventional writing machines and text systems, including personal computers". The book is basically a traditional typing practice and instruction book—one that's been updated to take into account the rise … Continue reading Finger Gymnastics

Big Blue

The thinking man's Olivetti Valentine? No, you're right, I'm thinking too much. But still, think 747 and I think American wide-bodied jumbo jet. Think 6747 and I think American wide-bodied jumbo typewriter. The heavyweight IBM 6747 had an advantage over its puny opponents in both size and reach (check out the length of that cable) ... … Continue reading Big Blue