Big Blue

The thinking man's Olivetti Valentine? No, you're right, I'm thinking too much. But still, think 747 and I think American wide-bodied jumbo jet. Think 6747 and I think American wide-bodied jumbo typewriter. The heavyweight IBM 6747 had an advantage over its puny opponents in both size and reach (check out the length of that cable) ... … Continue reading Big Blue

Juki New Year

First established as a cooperative of machinery manufacturers in Tokyo in 1938, the TOKYO JUKI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION began trading under that name in 1943. The first household and industrial sewing machines were produced in 1947 and 1953 respectively. In 1988 the Corporation was renamed simply as JUKI CORPORATION. Today, the company is known primarily for its production of industrial sewing … Continue reading Juki New Year

Crazy Golf

A miniature version of golf, "crazy golf" as it is sometimes referred to, is not a pursuit that should be taken seriously ... ... it's fun though, as is the Brother Super 7300 "portable" golf ball typewriter, a once serious business machine, now a novelty purchase ... I mention "miniature golf" only because I was impressionable enough to buy into the advertising ... … Continue reading Crazy Golf

From Ray to Eternity

Born in in Waukegan, Illinois, fantasy writer Ray Bradbury (August 22, 1920 – June 5, 2012) was a native of the "rapidly disappearing small-town world of the American heartland" that English writer Malcolm Bradbury described from the point of view of an alien visitor. Like Malcolm, Ray was a prolific writer of short stories, screenplay and teleplays. However, Ray's tales … Continue reading From Ray to Eternity