Canon S-14 Instruction Guide

Manufactured in Taiwan and released in February 1986, Canon S-series (S-14, 15, 16) portable electronic typewriters have a small footprint. Weighing in at 4.7 kg (10.3 lbs) and with a paper width of 241mm (9.5 inches) and a writing width of 203 mm (8 inches), these "mini wedges" are fitted with a 92 character daisy … Continue reading Canon S-14 Instruction Guide

Triumph-Adler SE-1005 Bedienungsanleitung

Triumph-Adler's first foray into the standalone electronic typewriter market began in 1975 with the release of a proprietary single element “golf ball” electronic typewriter, the  SE-1000/CD. The release of two daisy wheel office electronic typewriters, SE 1005 and 1010, followed in 1981. The white outer shells of the typewriters of this series were made from … Continue reading Triumph-Adler SE-1005 Bedienungsanleitung

AT&T 6310 Instruction Guide

Manufactured by Olivetti (AT&T acquired a stake in Olivetti in 1983, thus becoming a subsidiary) the AT&T 6310 compact electronic typewriter is a re-branded variant (I think) of the Olivetti CT-605. The guide (below) is split into two PDFs to make the download easier. According to ribbon listings the following Olivetti-derived AT&T models were available: … Continue reading AT&T 6310 Instruction Guide

Silver-Reed I-F44 Operating Manual

The I/F 44 is a parallel interface unit that makes it possible to connect the SILVER REED EX 44 compact electronic typewriter with a personal computer or a word processor. Code Tables Subscriber Content Thank you for your support. Here's the file: silver-reed-i-f44-operating-manualDownload Subscribe or donate to get access Download the guide when you subscribe … Continue reading Silver-Reed I-F44 Operating Manual

Panasonic KX-R250 Instruction Guide

Panasonic KX-R series portable electronic typewriters were manufactured during a three year period between 1987 and 1990. These excellent typewriters take a Brother AX series compatible ribbon and a proprietary 96 character cassette printwheel which is not dissimilar to (but incompatible with) the cassette printwheels manufactured by Brother. Subscriber Content Thankyou for your support. Here … Continue reading Panasonic KX-R250 Instruction Guide

Silver Reed EX-42 EX-43N EX-44 Instruction Guide

After releasing two golf ball models, the Silver-Reed 235-C and the 255-C, in 1979 and 1980, Silver Reed entered the electronic typewriter market with the release of an EX- series of daisy wheel office (EX-50, 55, 66, 77, 78) and compact (EX-42, 43N, 44) electronic typewriters during the period 1982 to to 1984. While the … Continue reading Silver Reed EX-42 EX-43N EX-44 Instruction Guide

Sharp PA-3100S Instruction Guide

Sharp PA 3100 series (second generation) portable e.t.s were first released in 1989. Models include but may not be limited to PA-3100 II, PA-3100 S, PA--3110 II, PA-3140 II, 3140 S. Earlier PA 3100 series (first generation) models (PA-3100, 3100 E, 3110, 3120) have a slightly different design, notably narrower platen knobs and a narrower … Continue reading Sharp PA-3100S Instruction Guide

Brother Electronic 9300 Instruction Guide

Weighing in at 8.7kgs, the Brother 9300 and its lower-spec sibling, the Brother 8300, were released in 1982. These daisy wheel typewriters are different in that they have a moveable carriage/escapement and a fixed print unit. Subscriber Content Thank you for your support. Here's the file: brother-electronic-9300-instruction-guideDownload Subscribe or donate to get access Download the … Continue reading Brother Electronic 9300 Instruction Guide