Olivetti ET Personal 55 Instruction Guide

Released in 1987 and designed by Mario Bellini and Alessandro Chiarato, the ET personal 55/56 has arguably the most striking design of any personal electronic typewriter. All subsequent Olivetti ETP, PT and Lettera E 500 series portables (including a limited edition "Azuri" Praxis 100 released to coincide with the 1992 World Cup) are derivatives of … Continue reading Olivetti ET Personal 55 Instruction Guide


Olivetti Lexikon 90 Instruction Guide

The heavyweight Olivetti Lexikon 90 was introduced in 1976 and had a short-lived production run which ended two years later in 1978. Model numbers include Lexikon 90, 92C and 94C. The "interchangeable spherical printhead" has a different shape and orientation to the more conventional element balls manufactured by IBM:. The instruction guide included instructions written in … Continue reading Olivetti Lexikon 90 Instruction Guide

Olivetti ET Compact 70 Instruction Guide

Operating instructions/Bedienungsanleitung (English, German, French, Spanish) for the Olivetti ET Compact 70 (Parts One and Two). Olivetti's first truly compact electronic typewriter, the "ET Compact 70", was released in September 1986 and marked a departure from its predecessors by having a grey beige finish as an alternative to matte black. (Its predecessor the "ET Compact … Continue reading Olivetti ET Compact 70 Instruction Guide

Olivetti Praxis 30/35 Instruction Guide

Operating instructions/ Istruzioni d uso/ Instrucciones de uso/ Instructions d emploi/ Bedienungsanleitung (English, Italian, Spanish, French, German) for the Olivetti Praxis 30/35. Subscriber Content Thank you for your support. Here are the files: olivetti-praxis-30-35-instruction-guideDownload olivetti-praxis-30-35-istruzioni-d-usoDownload olivetti-praxis-30-35-instrucciones-de-usoDownload olivetti-praxis-30-35-instructions-d-emploiDownload olivetti-praxis-30-35-bedienungsanleitungDownload Subscribe or donate to get access Download the guides when you subscribe or donate today. Log in