Olivetti Lexikon 90 Instruction Guide

The heavyweight Olivetti Lexikon 90 was introduced in 1976 and had a short-lived production run which ended two years later in 1978. Model numbers include Lexikon 90, 92C and 94C.

The “interchangeable spherical printhead” has a different shape and orientation to the more conventional element balls manufactured by IBM:.

The instruction guide included instructions written in Italian, French and English.

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15 thoughts on “Olivetti Lexikon 90 Instruction Guide

  1. I am getting ready to list an element on Ebay for a Lexikon 90. I think it is a 12 pt Roman


  2. Hi Maria, email the pics and i’ll add them to a guest post. I think the serial is next to the right-hand ribbon spool when you lift off the ribbon cover? Or if not, it could be stamped somewhere on the carriage rail – move margin stops to far left and right and then slide the carriage as far possible left and right. Never owned one so not sure;)


  3. Hi Marie. Hard to say what the value is. It all depends on how much a collector is willing to pay for it. But if in good condition with all the extras it could be worth a few hundred dollars/pounds. Pictures would be appreciated, including some of the printer. a serial number might be visible on the front underside of the carriage?


  4. I found one of these machines in my late father’s basement. The model tag says 94C. Can you give me any information on it’s value? It has all the plugs, a cover, and 6 additional type balls. I can provide pictures if necessary. We also have a Olivetti printer.


  5. Hi Taylor, unfortunately I have little idea. I did an online search in several languages and they came up blank. I’ll be sure to let you know if I find one. 😉


  6. Steve,
    I went ahead and bought the machine. I will post a blog about it soon. Any idea where I could get a spare element? Mine prints reeeaally small.


  7. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve gotten the seller’s attention and he says it works, plus comes with two ink ribbons. I hope it really does work. Last time I bought on FB Marketplace it was…less so. Still, if it’s as uncommon as you say it might be worth it. I’ll blog about it if I get it!


  8. One of these has appeared near me for $5 and I’m honestly tempted, since my Selectric isn’t working too well at the moment…

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  9. I do like the look of this one. For me it has a certain – how can I put it – calmness. Although I would prefer smaller carriage on it – one that stays within the boundaries of the body.


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