Olivetti ET Personal 55 Instruction Guide

Released in 1987 and designed by Mario Bellini and Alessandro Chiarato, the ET personal 55/56 has arguably the most striking design of any personal electronic typewriter. All subsequent Olivetti ETP, PT and Lettera E 500 series portables (including a limited edition “Azuri” Praxis 100 released to coincide with the 1992 World Cup) are derivatives of the original ET Personal 55/56 pairing.

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5 thoughts on “Olivetti ET Personal 55 Instruction Guide

  1. It’s a later series, but likely to be similar in terms of ribbon and wheel insertion/removal and basic functions. Can’t guarantee it, though 😉


  2. Thank you! Just one more question please if I may,

    Would this manual be similar in terms of the general usage?, cartridge replacement, setup, etc

    Thank you! Appreciate the help!


  3. Hello!.. I recently came across your blog, as I was looking to find a manual or user guide for my Olivetti ET116 …. Its sat in storage for a while, but id love to bring it back to life.. Might you have any information or manuals for that one??.. Thank you..


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