Canon Fodder: Part Four

I'm supposed to be downsizing my collection (I have downsized my collection) and yet I took home another Canon electronic typewriter. In mitigation, it was FREE and came with a spare (Micron 15) typewheel: The typing feel (tactile key-tops, a quiet typing action, and with an impressive top speed of 16 cps) on these compact Canon office machines … Continue reading Canon Fodder: Part Four

Canon AP150 Instruction Guide

I finally finished scanning the instruction guide for the Canon AP150 electronic typewriter (in English). The whole guide (less the table of contents, some front matter, and the index which I ignored in the interests of avoiding scanning fatigue) comes in just under 10 MB. If you have a problem uploading that, you can grab the instruction … Continue reading Canon AP150 Instruction Guide

Canon Consumables

The new ribbon cassette for the Canon AP150 arrived ... The cassette I replaced was made in Korea. The replacement cassette was made in Malaysia. It works a treat, except I also discovered the printwheel installed in the typewriter was completely worn out. There's a reason these things are called consumables. Fortunately, this consumer has a few spares ... … Continue reading Canon Consumables