The Lesser Spotted Canon

Who knew a full size version of the Canon AP-1500 existed? Who even cares (not many).

Still, in e.t. spotting mode, recently I spotted this eBay UK listing for an AP 3500 …

I immediately recognised the keyboard configuration (and the keycaps) as identical to that on the smaller compact model …

(from my collection)

More recently I also spotted this Canon AP-7500 on German eBay …

Just 2 sightings in 5 years of “spotting”. A Google search brings up nothing except the mention of the AP-3500 and a (so far unsighted and unverified) model AP-3510 in ribbon listings.

Functional and powerful

Lets just say these particular Canon electronic typewriters don’t exactly grow on trees!

Advertising from the The Guardian, UK, 1991 (above)