Brother’s Element of Surprise

Here's a rare find: This Brother M8300/9300 compatible print wheel came up on German eBay ... These print wheels were used in Brother's (JP-16) M-series 8300/Correctronic and 9300/Executron portable electronic typewriters: There's nothing surprising about the wheel itself. It's a conventional clip-on wheel: The M8300/9300, however, is an unconventional daisy wheel typewriter with a fixed … Continue reading Brother’s Element of Surprise

Plugged in with Brother (Office ETs)

What is an office electronic typewriter? In this context we mean a full-size professional-level typewriter targeted at the large office environment, what the Germans refer to as a Büroschreibmaschine. While many compact (semi-professional) electronic typewriters could be (and were) used in a large office environment, they were targeted at the so called SOHO (small or … Continue reading Plugged in with Brother (Office ETs)

Plugged in with Brother (Compacts)

What is a "compact" electronic typewriter? In this context "compact" means a semi-professional electronic typewriter, which, relative to a full size "office" machine, is compact in size. These mid-level machines will typically have a typing speed anywhere between 13 and 18 characters per second. Typically, electronic typewriters in the Compact category will have: A 381 … Continue reading Plugged in with Brother (Compacts)

Plugged in with Brother (Portables)

How to define portable or personal electronic typewriters? Personal electronic typewriter for home or small office use. These low-end machines will have a typing speed anywhere between 10 and 14 characters per second, and a print quality legible on the original sheet plus 2 copies. There is some overlap between the portable and compact categories … Continue reading Plugged in with Brother (Portables)