The revenge of the electronic typewriter

An interesting article (by Greg Stanmar from the Chicago Tribune 13th August 1988) below is interesting. It says a lot about the author, who links “a typewriter with socialist leanings” to “recalcitrant billpayer” to “deadbeat”.

But what puzzles me more is the reference to “buy ribbons manufactured by Asian prisoners of war”?

The reference to Ray Bradbury is of interest too, of course.

Less easily “scared”, Bradbury was not averse to sitting in front of an electronic typewriter.

Indeed, according to an article written for the same newspaper 26 years later (Bradbury fans get real about late sci-fi writer by Dan Hinkel, Chicago Tribune 15th August 2014) he may have done so sans trousers:

Which just goes to show, the more times change in this age of WFH, the more things stay the same!