Smith-Corona XD 6500

Another 5L Revival ... This Smith-Corona XD 6500 was sold as "for parts not working". I bought it for a next to nothing price in order to get my hands on the instruction guide and the sales literature that came with it. I was expecting a fritzed machine, but surprise, surprise, once I'd remedied the … Continue reading Smith-Corona XD 6500


Smith Corona Deville 80 Instruction Guide

Operating instructions for the Smith Corona Deville 80. Subscriber Content Thank you for your support. Here's the file: smith-corona-deville-80-instruction-guideDownload Subscribe or donate to get access Download the guide when you subscribe or donate today. Log in

Smith-Corona’s 5L Revival

Advertised in the USA in November 1984, and listed in my 1984/85 edition of the German office equipment catalogue Info-Markt 1, the Enterprise Electronic PE 900 was Smith-Corona’s first truly portable electronic typewriter: Released alongside EC-series compact electronic typewriters sourced from Nakajima, the PE 900 and a handful of American-made models such as the Smith-Corona … Continue reading Smith-Corona’s 5L Revival