Lex Machina

In a recent (IBM's Element of Surprise) post I asked whether "IBM" branded print wheels compatible with Silver Reed EX series electronic typewriters were made for IBM or made by IBM. Sometimes the answer to a typewriter-related question stares you in the face. Take, for example, a batch of Silver Reed compatible IBM print wheels … Continue reading Lex Machina

Silver Reed EX-32 Instruction Guide

The instruction guide for the Silver Reed EX-32 portable electronic typewriter is more extensive than the operating manual for the larger EX-42, partly due to the fact it has a Centronics-compatible parallel port which supports "Interface Mode". Electronic Typewriter Instruction GuidesThe following guide is viewable online and is freely shared. A small donation, however, will … Continue reading Silver Reed EX-32 Instruction Guide

Silver Reed EX-42 EX-43N EX-44 Instruction Guide

It's disappointing to note that, at a top speed of 12 characters-per-second, Silver Reed EX series (EX-42. 43N, EX-44) compact electronic typewriters are slower than most of their (early 1980s) contemporaries. But speed isn't everything (unless you're a touch-typist with a competitive streak) and as I said when I bought a Silver Reed EX-42 electronic typewriter in October … Continue reading Silver Reed EX-42 EX-43N EX-44 Instruction Guide