MVB Electronic 2000

In designing their JP-11 and JP-14 Correct-o-ball series, Brother may well have taken their cue from the Olivetti Lexikon 82/83DL released a few years earlier. These “golf ball” typewriters were followed by TWO JP-16 DAISY WHEEL MODELS with the same fixed print unit and manual carriage escapement (the M8300/Correctronic 8300 and the M9300/Executron 9300).

It turns out, the Brother M8300 and M9300 were NOT the only daisy wheel electronic typewriters with a moveable carriage and a fixed print unit. Another Italian manufacturer, not Olivetti, came up with one …

This online sighting of an MVB 2000 “Electronic” daisy wheel typewriter takes an Olivetti Praxis 20/Robotron-Optima compatible print ribbon:

It does look kind of “Brother-ly …

But as far as I can ascertain, these were manufactured in Italy by IMC – Industria Meccanica di Chiavenna S.p.A,, the company that later manufactured this Rover 246 Electronic (note the matching Carriage Return key):

AKA the Deise Electronic 246:

AKA the AEG Olympia Alphetta (TWDB):


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