Big Brother

Big Brother may be watching me, but I’ve also been watching Big Brother. In my case, big electronic office typewriters listed for sale in online auctions around the world. I haven’t come across any of these in the wild as yet.



The first standard typewriter to roll off the Brother production line was the Brother EM-1.

EM-1, 1980, at the Brother museum in Nagano, Japan  (Above)

EM-2, 1982 (Above)

EM-1050 & Monitor (above)

Brother EM-701, 1985  (Above)

EM-811 (Above)

EM-601, 1988 (Above)

EM-850fx/D (Above)


Brother CM-1000 (above)

Brother CM-2000 1994 (above)

Brother CE-500  (Above)

Brother CE- 650  (Above)

Brother CE-550  (Above)


Brother CE-700  (Above)

Brother CE-800α  (Above)

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