Smith Corona XD 6500 Instruction Guide

First released in the U.S.A. in November 1984, portable models of the 5L series were given a variety of light-to-mid-grey and charcoal-grey-to-black colour schemes. Later models like the XD 6500 (circa 1986) have cylindrical rather than spherical keycaps.

Unlike later, more lightweight (and much more cheaply constructed) 5 series portables, these typewriters have a detachable power cord and a one-piece lid with an opening on the rear right-hand side to accommodate what is an elaborate platen knob with a variable line spacer.

The XD 6500 was one of several models that could be sold as part of a Personal Word Processor (PWP) System and interfaced with a 12 inch (80 character by 24 character) display monitor with external diskette drive.

A “Messenger” Module option was also available (a throwback to earlier typewriters with a printer interface which were attributed as “Messenger” models).

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