Be Original, Be Sharp

It used to "Be Sharp", but these days the company slogan of the Sharp Corporation  (now majority owned by the Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturer, Foxconn1) is Be Original. Sharp's original colour of choice for its personal e.t.s, e.t.s like this circa 1990 PA-3000, was BLACK. Grey-beige or cream-beige variants do exist, but they're harder to … Continue reading Be Original, Be Sharp

The World According to Sharp

Although Sharp owed its initial success, and eventually its name¹, to the Ever-Sharp Mechanical Pencil, it was the calculator that really transformed its fortunes. In 1981 (according to Sharp's corporate history at the two companies that had been marketing Sharp electronic office equipment were merged to form Sharp Business, Co., Ltd. Thereafter, Sharp made its first … Continue reading The World According to Sharp