Sharp Thinking

Released circa September 1991, Sharp's "second generation" 3000 Series of PA (Personal Automation) portable electronic typewriters are smaller and lighter than their predecessors ... Above, a single platen knob Sharp PA-3000II (in my collection) "First generation" PA-3000/3100 Series portable electronic typewriters (3000, 3020, 3120, 3130, 3140, 30211) were introduced in October 1986 ... Above, a … Continue reading Sharp Thinking

The World According to Sharp

Although Sharp owed its initial success, and eventually its name¹, to the Ever-Sharp Mechanical Pencil, it was the calculator that really transformed its fortunes. In 1981 (according to Sharp's corporate history at the two companies that had been marketing Sharp electronic office equipment were merged to form Sharp Business, Co., Ltd. Thereafter, Sharp made its first … Continue reading The World According to Sharp