Carreras (Part Two)

Just when I was beginning to think the days of FREE electronic typewriters were over, this ad popped up on Gumtree ... I made it mine, cleaned and de-yellowed the keycaps, outer shell and one-piece lid, but then ended up swapping over the lid and the (German) ribbon cover on the "fritzed" Olympia Carrera I … Continue reading Carreras (Part Two)



No, not the Spanish tenor ... ... portable electronic typewriters manufactured by (and for) AEG Olympia in the mid 1980s. Advertising outside Germany is hard to find. Although I did find this Icelandic ad from August 1987: An attractive '80s wedge alongside an attractive '80s hairstyle? What could be nicer? What would be better is … Continue reading Carreras

Typing on the Moon

I was impressed by Sam Rockwell's performance in the 2009 Sc-fi classic Moon. Early on in the story, the logo (and the name) of Sam's employer Lunar Industries reminded me of Litton Industries: Granted, they're not identical, but that's what came to mind. The likeness (or otherwise) may not be entirely coincidental. After-all, a division of Litton Industries, Litton Space Systems, designed … Continue reading Typing on the Moon