No, not the Spanish tenor ... ... portable electronic typewriters manufactured by (and for) AEG Olympia in the mid 1980s. Advertising outside Germany is hard to find. Although I did find this Icelandic ad from August 1987: An attractive '80s wedge alongside an attractive '80s hairstyle? What could be nicer? What would be better is … Continue reading Carreras

Typing on the Moon

I was impressed by Sam Rockwell's performance in the 2009 Sc-fi classic Moon. Early on in the story, the logo (and the name) of Sam's employer Lunar Industries reminded me of Litton Industries: Granted, they're not identical, but that's what came to mind. The likeness (or otherwise) may not be entirely coincidental. After-all, a division of Litton Industries, Litton Space Systems, designed … Continue reading Typing on the Moon