Triumph-Adler Gabriele 8008 (Quick Reference)

A quick reference guide for the Triumph-Adler Gabriele 8008 (poor condition but legible). A continuing tradition in Europe saw Triumph-Adler name the first of many portable electronic typewriters "Gabriele" after the granddaughter of former owner, Max Grundig. In a departure from tradition, the company used Japanese (Nakajima) components in the manufacture of its first portable, … Continue reading Triumph-Adler Gabriele 8008 (Quick Reference)

Finger Gymnastics

Maschinenschreiben Textverarbeitung (Typing and word processing) by Bruno Behne and Albert Titze, Ferd. Dummlers Verlag, 1991), is a German textbook about "typing and word processing on conventional writing machines and text systems, including personal computers". The book is basically a traditional typing practice and instruction book—one that's been updated to take into account the rise … Continue reading Finger Gymnastics

Adler SE Series Electronic Typewriters

The 1983 Adler SE 1011 typewriter I picked up last week came with spare daisywheels and sales literature — not just about the SE 1011, but about the whole "SE 10XX" range of T-A business machines ... Note the salesman's scribbled price tag! A selection of ribbons were available, including fabric ribbons ... ~ Complete with typo … Continue reading Adler SE Series Electronic Typewriters