Gary Seven’s Royal Emperor

In response to my Gary Seven's Royal Assignment post, Robert Messenger (who else) correctly identified the typewriter as a Royal Emperor electric typewriter ... ORIGINAL CAPTION: Royal-Typer automated typewriter introduced by the Royal McBee Corporation in 1960 (RM: more likely 1962-63) combines the functions of tape reading, tape punching, tape reproduction and manual or automatic … Continue reading Gary Seven’s Royal Emperor

Glass Half True

Keeping the Belgian ball rolling... One of the twentieth century's most well-known and widely-read authors, French-speaking Belgian novelist Georges Simenon, outdid Jean Ray when it came to pseudonyms and prolificacy. Simenon (b. 13 February 1903 – d. 4 September 1989) began writing professionally at the age of 15. His prodigious output consisted of 193 novels … Continue reading Glass Half True