Royal Empress Takes a Hammering

It's not often a typewriter hits the news on national television, but it happened last week when SBS Australia announced an upcoming Sotheby's Australia auction. Among the items to be auctioned, those from writer Colleen McCullough's estate. For more, see this Sydney Morning Herald article. A focus of the news report was the late author's … Continue reading Royal Empress Takes a Hammering

Gary Seven’s Royal Emperor

In response to my Gary Seven's Royal Assignment post, Robert Messenger (who else) correctly identified the typewriter as a Royal Emperor electric typewriter ... ORIGINAL CAPTION: Royal-Typer automated typewriter introduced by the Royal McBee Corporation in 1960 (RM: more likely 1962-63) combines the functions of tape reading, tape punching, tape reproduction and manual or automatic … Continue reading Gary Seven’s Royal Emperor

Glass Half True

Keeping the Belgian ball rolling... One of the twentieth century's most well-known and widely-read authors, French-speaking Belgian novelist Georges Simenon, outdid Jean Ray when it came to pseudonyms and prolificacy. Simenon (b. 13 February 1903 – d. 4 September 1989) began writing professionally at the age of 15. His prodigious output consisted of 193 novels … Continue reading Glass Half True