The Electronic AEG

Come the dawn of the electronic age, Olympia made some attempt, initially, to retain the look, if not the feel, of the typewriters that came before. Some continuity of design is evident in the "Whisperdisc" ES and ESW series of the early 1980s ... Another electronic typewriter that retained the "Olympia look" is the Compact S, … Continue reading The Electronic AEG


The Good, the Bad, and the Compact

In the market for an electronic wedge? In the heyday of the electronic (daisy wheel) typewriter, buying the best meant buying a high-spec full-size (standard) office machine. Today however, full size or standard office electronic typewriter are too large, and personal/portable wedges too low-spec and (often) flimsy, for most collectors to consider. The obvious candidates … Continue reading The Good, the Bad, and the Compact

The World According to Sharp

Although Sharp owed its initial success, and eventually its name¹, to the Ever-Sharp Mechanical Pencil, it was the calculator that really transformed its fortunes. In 1981 (according to Sharp's corporate history at the two companies that had been marketing Sharp electronic office equipment were merged to form Sharp Business, Co., Ltd. Thereafter, Sharp made its first … Continue reading The World According to Sharp

Matsushita & the Margarita

Matsushita Denki (the Matsushita Electric Industrial Company) is the name behind the Panasonic brand. Once the world's largest consumer electronics company and still one of the world's largest, Matsushita changed its name to Panasonic Corporation in 2008. Company founder Konosuke Matsushita "Matsushita's story is different and unique. In 1952, Matsushita arranged to acquire the technical capabilities of the Dutch … Continue reading Matsushita & the Margarita

Retro TEC

The history of TEC (Tokyo Electric Co. Ltd.) has two strands. This is reflected by not one, but two, online company histories: The 'Toshiba' history provides a clear picture of how both the Tokyo Electric Company and Toshiba came to be: 1875 saw the establishment of Tanaka Seizo-sho (Tanaka Engineering Works), Japan's first manufacturer of … Continue reading Retro TEC