Erika 3004 Electronic Typewriter Instruction Guide

I like the authoritarian tone of parts of the Erika 3004 portable electronic typewriter instruction guide I picked up on eBay: "We congratulate you on having purchased our electronic portable typewriter. You should convince yourself of the efficiency of this machine (and our political system!)." The Erika 3004 was first manufactured in 1987 at the VEB Robotron … Continue reading Erika 3004 Electronic Typewriter Instruction Guide

Erika, Freedom Fighter

Samizdat "Self-publishing" was the name given to the underground literature that opponents to the Soviet government secretly wrote and distributed within the Soviet Union. Intellectual opposition to Communist rule emerged in the 1950s and 1960s and formed into a human rights movement. From the late 1960s, these "dissidents" systematically collected and attempted to publicise Soviet human … Continue reading Erika, Freedom Fighter