TEC Savvy

I found myself another TEC-related Japanese phonecard ... Chou Saku 張作 typewriter/book-keeping machine ~ More useful is this (English,  French, German, Spanish) instruction guide for the TEC TW-1000, which was sent to me via Royal Mail from an eBay seller in the U.K. ... TEC TW-1000 (below, from my collection) I previously scoffed at the … Continue reading TEC Savvy

Maniacs in the Fourth Dimension

It was about people whose mental diseases couldn't be treated because the causes of the diseases were in the fourth dimension, and three-dimensional earthling doctors couldn't see these causes at all, or even imagine them. One thing Trout said that Rosewater liked very much was that there really were vampires and werewolves and goblins and … Continue reading Maniacs in the Fourth Dimension

Retro TEC

The history of TEC (Tokyo Electric Co. Ltd.) has two strands. This is reflected by not one, but two, online company histories: https://www.toshibatec.com/company/corporate/history/https://www.toshiba.co.jp/worldwide/about/history_chronology.html The 'Toshiba' history provides a clear picture of how both the Tokyo Electric Company and Toshiba came to be: 1875 saw the establishment of Tanaka Seizo-sho (Tanaka Engineering Works), Japan's first manufacturer of … Continue reading Retro TEC