More Typewriter Covers

Not the kind that protects your beloved machine from dust, the postal kind ... The LUBRAPEX — Luso-Brazilian Philately Exhibition — is a stamp exhibition in which only postal operators and collectors from Brazil and Portugal participate. Since 1992, Portuguese speaking countries and territories have also been taking part. It is the oldest Bilateral Philatelic … Continue reading More Typewriter Covers

Red Poets Society (Part Two)

Andrei Lupan and fellow members of the Moldovan Poets Society discuss their next lyrical tribute to the communist state ... Andrei Lupan (above and below) Andrei Lupan ((15 February 1912 - 24 August 1992) was a writer and politician. He served as Chairman of the Writers Union of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic (1946–1962), and … Continue reading Red Poets Society (Part Two)

Erika, Freedom Fighter

Samizdat "Self-publishing" was the name given to the underground literature that opponents to the Soviet government secretly wrote and distributed within the Soviet Union. Intellectual opposition to Communist rule emerged in the 1950s and 1960s and formed into a human rights movement. From the late 1960s, these "dissidents" systematically collected and attempted to publicise Soviet human … Continue reading Erika, Freedom Fighter