Canon Fodder (Part Nine)

Taiwanese-made portable electronic typewriters of the Canon QS- series of the mid 1990s were sold around the world, in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, and ranged from the QS-50 to the QS-700, with a wide choice of (100, 110, 200, 210, 300, 310, 400 and 550) models in-between.

The QS-50 is bottom of the range …

This QS-300 in my collection is middle of the range …

The QS-700 is the top of the range …

This Taiwanese-made MX-100 appears to be a lower-spec variant of the same series …

Unique to the QS-series (and possibly a feature lacking in MX- variants?) is a “Beam Marker” which allows you to accurately position a character on a pre-printed form.

Typewriters of the QS series also boast a “Quiet Sensation while printing” which explains the prefix. With a top speed of 14 cps they’re also Quite Speedy.

Into the 1990s, ETs improved in terms of their print speed and noise emission, but could not hope to compete with the near-silent stealth of the desktop publisher and the laser printer and were Quickly Supplanted.

4 thoughts on “Canon Fodder (Part Nine)

  1. Yeah, good point, hard to justify dropping that Canon DTP phonecard in there. I’m surprised Canon bothered to manufacture (or sub-contract the manufacture) of ETs into the mid 1990s.


  2. Huh, I’m surprised that typewriters would even be considered as competition to DTP computers by the 90’s. I seem to recall that Laser printers really dropped in cost by then and inkjets had gotten perfected to the point that impact printers were pretty much dead. That seems like it would’ve been when typers were settling into the role of “cheap alternative for people who didn’t like computers”.


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