Brother CE-700 Instruction Guide

The lady on Gumtree who advertised this tattered and yellowed instruction guide for a Brother CE-700 electronic typewriter for a few dollars (rather than throw it in the bin) deserves almost as much credit as I do for scanning it.

Kudos to Brother Industries for manufacturing such a good electronic typewriter (I’m sure it must be, even if I don’t own one).

The CE-700 was introduced in 1989 as an update on the Brother CE-650 and, like its predecessor, has a respectable speed of 15 characters-per-second, which is better than most portables. Thanks to an acoustic cover it’s probably quieter too.

Electronic Typewriter Instruction Guides

These instructions guides either came with the typewriters I purchased, or were purchased solely for the purpose of scanning and sharing FREE. A small donation, however, will make it easier for me to continue to add to this archive. Thank you.


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