5 thoughts on “Paradigm Shifts Down Under”

  1. Hello! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs on the Canon AP series typewriters. I’ve also learned a lot about their features and functions. I had an AP-810 that I bought recently; however one of our cats knocked some water over, which happened to spill on the keyboard, and of course ruined it. I’m bummed about it because it was the most advanced typewriter I’ve ever owned.

    Other than watching eBay, can you point me in the direction of any place that has any AP models for sale? Does the real estate couple that had the AP-6110 still have it? If they do could you get me in contact with them so that I might could purchase it? Any help you can give me is greatly appreciate, my friend!

    James Hyatt

    P.S. – I’ll gladly send you my cell phone number through email if that would be helpful. The comment box was the only way I could find to get in contact with you. Take care!


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